White/Milk Chocolate Bowl

Introduction: White/Milk Chocolate Bowl

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This is a delicious bowl fill with treats.

Step 1: Materials

1. You need 1 blow up balloon 2. 1 bag of Chocolate chips 3. 1 bag of White Chocolate chips 4. Bowl and Microwave 5. Any fruits like Strawberries,Oranges,Apples...etc slices

Step 2: Melt All the Chocolates

Now take out the milk chocolates out and put it in a bowl to microwave it until it melts or melt it in a stove pot than do the same thing to the white chocolate.

Step 3: Chocolate Balloon

Spill the chocolate separate around the blow up balloon any pattern u want.Now let it dry into a freezer until freeze.Than take it out and pop the balloon and u get a chocolate bowl

Step 4: Fruits

Now put any fruits u want into the bowl and READY SET EAT!!!

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