Whiteboard Study Table - Ikea Hack



Introduction: Whiteboard Study Table - Ikea Hack

This is a guide to DIY a very simple yet very useful and practical whiteboard study desk. The aim is to make it as cheap as possible using the cheapest parts you can find in Ikea and the hardware store.

Here is the shopping list:

  1. Whiteboard 60x90cm with wooden back (Second hand) $10
  2. Ikea LENNART Drawer unit $15
  3. Ikea KVISSLE Wall magazine rack $15
  4. PVC 40mm pipe 3m $15
  5. PVC 40mm flange x 4 $3.5
  6. PVC 40mm end cap x 4 $4

In total I only spent less than $70 (including some screws and pvc glue)

To build this table, I split the progress into 3 steps:

  1. Assemble Ikea Lennart and Kvissle
  2. Make the table's legs
  3. Screw everything together

If anyone felt lost, feel free to watch my YouTube video, I documented down the whole process with my camera phone; hopefully it will be EVEN easier with the video!

This will be a very good weekend project which will benefit you for a very long time!

Step 1: Assemble Ikea Lennart and Kvissle

Assemble Ikea Lennart:

  1. Almost exactly as the manual said
  2. Leave out the 2 wheels as not needed
  3. When putting all together, the top net will be removed to be screwed to the back of the whiteboard

Assemble Ikea Kvissle:

  1. Almost exactly as the manual said as well
  2. Leave out the last hanging piece as not needed

Step 2: Making the Legs

  1. Take the 3m 40mm PVC pipe and cut/saw it into 4 equal length; I cut them into 72cm each
  2. Mark the flange with marker and drill 4 screw holes on each flange
  3. Apply PVC glue to the PVC pipe and flange and slot the pipe into the flange to glue them together
  4. Leave it overnight to dry

Step 3: Put Everything Together

  1. Flip the whiteboard around
  2. Screw the 4 legs to the back of the whiteboard
  3. Place the 4 PVC end caps onto the PVC pipe
  4. Take off the Ikea LENNART net top temporary
  5. Screw the Ikea LENNART net top to the back of the whiteboard
  6. Assemble the drawer back to the net top
  7. Flip the table up right and let it stand properly
  8. Take the Ikea KVISSLE and cable tie it to the side of the Ikea LENNART
  9. Cable tie at least 4 locations
  10. Put back the 3 x Ikea LENNART's drawer
  11. DONE!!!


  1. Cut pvc into shorter length to make coffee table
  2. Use wood or steel instead of PVC for the table legs if have more budget, this is to make the table more stable
  3. Put a light to the table for study use

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