Whitewash Fireplace

About: Recently started DIY project and now I’m an addict. I like taking old stuff and making something new.

I had 25 foot fireplace that needed updated, made the room look dark and dreary with its small windows.

Step 1: Mix Paint

Mix 1 part whit paint with 1 part water.

Step 2: Painting

I applied using a brush, in 6 foot sections and wiped any drips as I went. I used grey chalk paint on windows and fireplace doors and added white to the gold center.

Step 3: Next Layer

I applied another layer of paint to the brick. Also decided to lighten up windows and doors with white paint over the grey and darken center by going over with grey chalk paint.

Step 4: Finish

I made touch ups where they needed.



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    6 months ago

    Nice upgrade, it appears to have really brightened up the room. Thank you for sharing your steps!

    1 reply