Whitty Bills Light Box

Introduction: Whitty Bills Light Box

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Hello, during my time in college, I was a member of the young enterprise. This was basically a contest that allowed students to work in teams and participate in designing, making and selling products. I was nominated leader and as soon as I got this role, I began to design and create what would soon be known as Whitty Bills Light box. I love this idea as is easy, fun and you can change the design to suit you!

What you will need;

- 3 LEDs

- Multi strand wire (black and red)

- Strip board

- 330R resistor

- Battery clip

- 9V battery

- Switch

- Soldering iron

- Solder

- Extruded clear 3mm acrylic plastic

- 3mm MDF sheets.

- Laser cutter

- Hot glue sticks and a hot glue gun

If you don't have a laser cutter, then you can use a coping saw to shape the wood.

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Step 1: The LED Circuit

Making The Circuit

The circuit is simple. cut a piece of strip board so it is about 30mm by 30mm, making sure there are at least 5 holes in both direction. Set it onto the table so the strips are running down.

Get the LEDs and recognise one leg is bigger then the other. The longer leg is positive while the other is negative.

Strip 8 pieces of red wire and 8 pieces of black making sure they are roughly 40mm long. Rap the red wire around the longer leg. Do the same with the black wire but around the shorter leg. repeat this with all three LEDs and then solder them.

Insert a red wire into the left hole on the switch and twist making sure the wire wont fall out. Insert the black wire into the middle hole then solder them into place.

Turn the board so its laying on the desk, strip side down. Insert the resistor in the top left hand corner, and into the 3rd hole along the top.

Insert the red side of the battery clip into the bottom left hand corner and the black into the bottom right. Insert the red stripped wire of the LEDs anywhere in the third hole from the top left. While inserting the black into the fourth. repeat this with all three LEDs. Insert the red wire of the switch anywhere in the fourth while inserting the black into the fifth. Solder all of the parts and use a 9v battery to test if it works.

Step 2: Laser Cutting the Box

Making The Box

Create a box design on 2D design making sure the top panel has a slit which is 90mm by 3mm. The box needs to be 130mm in length, 30mm in height and 50mm wide. Also make sure you design a hole to fit in your switch. The slit will allow the piece of acrylic to fit nicely inside. Design an LED holder directly below this which needs to be 7mm below the slit. (if you need any designs inbox me and ill email you my design to speed things up) When this has been cut, use sand paper to get rid of any unwanted scuffs.

Step 3: Mkaing the Box

Constructing the Box

Pop any component parts out of the sheet and use tape to make sure it fits together.

When you are sure it fits well together, and you are sure your components fit, then use pva or hot glue.

Step 4: Decorating and Acrylic Piece

Decorating the box/ inserting the acrylic piece

To make the acrylic piece, use 2d design to design a pattern or text. Make a sheet that is 90mm in length and 150mm in height, this will be your basic template (if you want a predesigned template, inbox me and ill email you one) Cut this out and insert it into your Whitty Bills light box. it should glow up. You can paint the MDF any colour but first paint on a very thin coat of water and PVA to seal the wood.

Step 5: Finished Product


Well-done, you have build your very own Whitty Bills light box. If you need the 2d designs then inbox me and ill send you an email with them on. I hope you enjoy making this product. If you have any questions, ask in the comments or inbox me! Thank you

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