Whizzer Pacemaker II: My Latest Time Killer, Part I




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Intro: Whizzer Pacemaker II: My Latest Time Killer, Part I

As some of you might know, I bought a Midnight Blue Whizzer Pacemaker II "moped" for the rock bottom price of $300. It's a lovely little bike, 148cc single cylinder 4 stroke that'll get me to 50 MPH, so only town cruising for this baby. At several people's request, I'll post a series of slideshows documenting the refurbishment. Apparently it languished in a garage for several years, fuel lines, carb, etc... are all gunked up, turn signals are broken/missing, there are some paint scratches, rust on the chrome, and I gotta get it titled down at the DMV (may Patty and Selma be kind!).

So 'nyways hope you enjoy, and since I am fairly lacking in knowledge about mopeds/motorcycles/scooters and the like, feel free to burden me with your wisdom on the subject :)




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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Can you legally ride this in the bike lanes even though its over 50cc?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Lovely Whizzer! The best that has ever been! I almost bought one here in Seattle for $2500.00 but unfortunately my truck had a flat, when I went to buy it it was sold!
    I wish there was a Whizzer club here in Seattle. at least so I can find one.
    Thanks for sharing,


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I have a nice coaster brake bike I'd love to do this to; where does one get that size of motor?

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    i bought a black 99 whizzer when i was 14 for 700 plus parts to restore it and i rode to and from school (i parked down the street so nobody would steal it) and age was no issue. i was pulled over once and i told him (truthfully) its a bicycle with a motor. and since it says nowhere that its 125cc you can forget to mention that part.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    So is this technically classified as a motorcycle since it has more than 49cc? In my state, at least, you need a motorcycle endorsement to drive anything over that limit, otherwise, a regular license is fine. Nice looking bike though.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Here in the Lone Star, 250cc is a motorcycle. It's classified as a moped (at148cc), which just needs motorcycle safety course completion.

    Hey RS, try steel wool or a pot scourer on the chrome, should bring it up nicely, with the pot scourer you only need to go gently, then a quick polish... Also have a look at nemomatic's scooter project, you might like some fo the ideas, say for the turn signals, if it's 12 or 6V it'll be dead easy to find replacement electricals, though digging up the covers may need to be a DIY job, look at the side of the road near junctions for large chunks of the cover plastic and dremel to fit...

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    Spiffing, I've got some steel wool in the shed. I'm not to worried about the lights either, but the paint is going to be a problem...

    Shouldn't be too much trouble, make absolutely sure you've eliminated the rust then paint... There's not a huge amount of surface area on the bike so hit a store and get your preferred colour and get clearcoat, for that sexy sheen and a bit of extra protection... You can practice on whatever's kicking about think light coats...

    Hmm, you might have to find a very close match and do a full respray...

    However we did have a Mitsubishi challenger that looked exactly the same colour, there's metallic and non metallic in that shade, may be a lead but it mightn't be good enough a match up close... I think it was called midnight blue...

    Go to a Mitsubishi dealership and try matching up... If it's a good match then a can of touch up shouldn't be too costly...