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Introduction: Who Am I: EyeC

My concept behind is more of a philosophical idea where I wondered who I really am when I looked in the mirror. Since we never "see" ourselves, we are basing on how we are being labelled, classified, and defined in this society as well as how we imagine others see us to show our existence in our world. This then also makes us try to create things like images, social medias, and selfies of us to show that we exist, belong, and have a past/history/memory in our world. Yet, we are constantly changing and there’s no real me but instead just a realized imagination of me; every second of us is changing. Therefore, I want to create a "picture" frame where it's a mirror of us and when we think the image of us, we can take a picture of us; however, when we press the button on the picture frame, it's only a camera shutter sound. In the end, we can only have the present moment of existence. Whenever we change, whenever we can have a new picture of us in the picture frame. It's a changing image of our realized imagination basically. Live life in the world based on ourselves, not the society and labels we have!

Some reasons/meaning behind:

- "Looking-Glass Self" - psychological concept - how we see ourselves doesn't come from who we really are, but rather from how we think others see us - how we define ourselves n a way to figure our who we are

- “The more pictures you post of yourself promoting a certain identity... the more likely it is that others will endorse this identity of you" - Everyday Sociology

- Currently, we take almost 1 trillion photos a year (over a million Selfies taken everyday) - every few minutes we take more selfies than the whole 19th century

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Step 1: Materials Needed

First, these are the materials you will need:

5X7in picture frame (you can make it yourself if you want)

4X6in mirror

Thick paperboard

Sound card (around 10 seconds is enough)

Camera shutter sound (YouTube works)

Step 2: Creating the Frame

So after you open the package, draw and cut the paperboard into 4X6in. Then, in the inside, leave about 1.5cm on the sides except the bottom, where I left 1in of space (for the button)

Step 3: Creating the Frame

Then, punch/cut a small hole (0.5cm) on the bottom of the paperboard and find/cut another small hole (0.5cm) for later button uses

Step 4: Recording the Sound

So now, with the sound card, you can record the camera shutter sound. You first have to remove the paper in between to allow the energy flow in the battery. Then you can start recording. Also, there's two buttons on the sound card, one is to record (the circular one), and the other one is to play the recording (the square one). Afterwards, try pressing the record button and then press on the play button to listen to your recording. This is to make sure your sound card works fine. I used a YouTube video for my camera shutter sound and here's the the website:


I pressed the recording button on the 4sec of the video (if you find a better sound/ website, go ahead and record it from there)

After you got your best shutter recording, cut the record button off in case you accidentally record other sounds while putting it together.

Step 5: Combining It Together

Now, glue the sound card onto the mirror. I did that because I found that easier while combining it to the picture frame and the sound of the recordings is amplified due to the mirror, but it's actually not necessary to do so.

Put the mirror onto the paper frame and get the play button onto the small hole you made earlier.

Attach the small paper on top of the hole on the paper frame; that will be the button for your sound.

Put the paper frame onto the picture frame and the glass on the back of the frame with the mirror inside (make sure the battery doesn't have the blocking paper)

Then put the back piece onto the picture frame

Step 6: EyeC

Now you're done! Have fun feeling the actual real you and keeping only the present moment of the changing world!

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    Interesting concept. I have always thought that it would be fun to make mirror with a display that would always show you a picture of you from yesterday. That way you could have a side by side comparison to yesterday.


    Reply 3 years ago

    The funiest mirror would show a picture of you tomorrow !