Wholewheat Chocolate Mocha Cake Recipe - Eggless

Introduction: Wholewheat Chocolate Mocha Cake Recipe - Eggless

About: Hi, I am Khushboo and I am here to bring you a little closer to my colorful country INDIA by easy to make recipes.

How to make Wholewheat Chocolate Mocha Cake and eggless. We all love mocha coffee. But have you ever tired a whole wheat cake with that chocolate mocha. Well today we will making an eggless cake using coffee and chocolate or you can say chocolate mocha cake, but this one will be using whole wheat because I try to make things a little on the healthy side. This mocha cake is using lots of dry fruits as well so we thought not to use any chocolate icing on to and decorate it with dry fruits only. Best part of this recipe for chocolate mocha cake is that when you are making it you can use the same coffee mixture to make your own

Mocha coffee. I am sure we can make video recipe for that as well. Right now enjoy this recipe for Chocolate Mocha cake - Wholewheat Eggless and do let us know in the comments below how it turned out for your or if you have any suggestions.

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