Why Choosing the Right Accessories for Sarees Is Important?

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Choosing the right set of accessories for sarees can shape the perception about the wearer! The way you drape your saree and the accessories you choose can make you either a paragon of virtue or a whore!

The success of wearing a saree boils down to attention to detail, a bit of know-how and adherence to etiquette. The wearer will come across as intelligent!

Not only must a woman learn how to wear a saree properly, but she must know how to accessorize the garment appropriately.

The devil is in the detail and people always appreciate anyone who pays attention to details!

When you choose accessories for a saree, focus on the small things like the bindi, the color of the nail polish, or the choice of bangles. After all, small things add up and accessories have a disproportionate effect on the style quotient when you wear a saree.

Step 1: Choose Saree Material Based on the Ocassion

Choose the right saree for the occasion. If you are planning on attending a wedding, a silk saree might be the best bet. For example, accessories for silk sarees may not work very well with other types of sarees or outfits.

Step 2: Select a Saree Based on Your Complexion

Select the right sarees based on your complexion. Your choice of sarees should ideally serve as a contrast to your complexion and not become a camouflage! If you have a wheatish complexion, pick colors from the opposite ends of the color spectrum, i.e., light colors or dark colors. Avoid picking mustard or olive colored sarees!

Step 3: Choose Accessories for Body Type and Saree

Now that you have the right saree, it’s time to pick the right set of accessories. Choosing accessories based on your body type will certainly make you a smart woman with an understated sophistication that will turn heads!

For more tips on how to select accessories for sarees, please read this article.



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