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Ok so with kids come toys and they play them to pieces or wear them out . We have acclimated a large assortment of NERF guns and sound guns and some got wore out and broke so instead of throwing them out I will be merging the two guns into one ultimate play thing. A nerf that makes sound when it fires the dart with a pull of the trigger and still "shoots" with no darts.

Step 1: What


Nerf longshot cs-6

some made in china Sound gun (I have no idea who made it

Small Screw driver


Needle nose pliers

masking tape

spray paint

solder iron

Glue gun

Razor knife

Step 2: Take It Apart

there is all sorts of screws here take them all out either remember where they go or lay them out on the table (which would have been a good idea for me to have done but I managed to find where they went back after awhile) The end of the cocking mechanism pops off easily with a hammer


While working on things beware of Imp attacks they love to take and walk away with parts and some times if you don't pay attention they will even try to eat pieces of a project ,Don't let them do that just hug them and distract them with a ball or some other toy.

Step 4: Open It Up

open up the case. Do it slowly things will spring right out at you and then take a picture right away for reference to put it back together

Step 5: Ooh a Deer

now there is a deer just outside the fence

Step 6: Take More Parts Out

Take the screws out of the muzzle of the gun then take out the bolt and plunger. then with masking tape secure the remaining parts to the gun

Step 7: Paint the First Color

paint the first color in my case I used silver .After the paint is dry use masking tape to mask off the areas that you want to remain silver.

Step 8: More Power

This part is the spring that fires the dart there is three screw holding this In place if you would like more power then pull out the spring and stretch it out a bit and add the spring form a toilet paper holder .

Step 9: Imp Attack

Step 10: Break Down the Sound Gun

unscrew all the screws and remove every thing but the battery holder be careful with the wires they are thin and dislodge themselves easily .

Step 11: Paint Other Color

so first coat is painted now with masking tape over silver paint black ,let dry and remove masking tape

Step 12: Add the Sound

Start by cutting a small notch by the triangular trigger thing. The drill some holes in a spot this gun has a circle that is the same size as the speaker . insert speaker and glue in place then glue the battery holder in place and the sides of the stock so it will not move and slide anymore.

Step 13: Place the Swicth Contacts

place on contact on the end or the triangle trigger thing and glue it on the very end Be Carefull the wires are thin and will come loose I had to fix one . Glue the contact down and place the next contact on the back side of the screw hole and glue in place. Make sure when the trigger is pulled that the contacts touch and make the gun noise .then go backwards and put it all back together and you have yourself an Nerf Gun that makes sound when you pull the trigger Taking two guns to make one is just more fun

Step 14: All Done

soon as I can I will be adding a video of it working



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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    it is pretty loud , the speaker came from a kids toy gun so it can get very annoying