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Introduction: Why I Wear Gloves

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Video tech tip on why to wear gloves when working on any projects. The rubber gloves I normally wear are made of a Nitrile compound which is particular great for people who are sensitive to latex as they are made of a 100% synthetic rubber instead. They feature a thicker layer which is very durable, does not contain any powder, and are chemical resistant.

Depending on what type of project you are working on, it’s much nicer to have the option of keeping your hands clean or safe. Normally I do need to handle the camera so that is one reason. The gloves can be easily removed without having to dirty or risk damaging other objects, which also includes answering a phone or operating a vehicle.

Step 1:

Next, having that added barrier on your hands also reduces the risk of damaged your skin whether that is from a chemical which can dry your skin or cuts or scratches. There are many chemicals that can cause long term effects on your skin. With cuts and scratches also comes infections. I have heard of instances where a person has cut their hand on an unfamiliar vehicle which in turn led to a flesh eating disease. Now obviously that is an extreme situation, but still possible unfortunately.

So while it may seem like an unneeded item, it’s certainly better to be safe than sorry.

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    I havent had much luck with latex or nitrile gloves, just too thin. Mechanix type gloves have no tactile feedback at all.
    A good compromise for me has been the pvc coated nylon gloves. I like the ones harbor freight sells for $1.99 on sale. If they are tight (i buy the medium size even though the large would be my normal size.


    7 months ago

    > reduces the risk of damaged your skin whether that is from a chemical which can dry your skin or cuts or scratches.

    Or just plain old nuisance and inconvenience: I only once made the mistake of working with expanding polyurethane foam without gloves -- discovered that no solvent available to me would clean it off skin once it had cured ... :( In the end, only passage of time and a lot of scrubbing got it off. Lesson learnt!

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    Thank you for the feedback! I have worked with some pretty strong chemicals in the past and didn't wear gloves, so now my hands dry out pretty quick, especially when the cooler weather comes around.

    common knowldge is not a tip

    In no way is this a tutorial or complete instructable.

    2 replies

    I disagree. While it is not very long, he does explain why he chooses to wear gloves while work, which is what the subject of this IBLE is about.

    It's a tech tip to keep people safe.