Why My Disk Running at 100%?

Introduction: Why My Disk Running at 100%?

All these happens due to super fetching of your frequently used data in windows 8,windows 8.1 and also windows 10.SuperFetch simply preloads and makes programs you use more often quick to access. It also enables background programs, defragmenting for example, to run in the background while you do your work.

SuperFetch uses up a lot of RAM. Nonetheless, it gives up its RAM space when the computer needs it. When SuperFetch is not disabled, which is what we recommend, the task manager displays only RAM that is populated and gives no indication of how much space is left.

This is the main problem on SuperFetch, so it can disables if necessary for using more RAM.

Follow these steps to stop or start the super fetch:

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Step 1: Open Cmd As Administrator.

go to start menu and search for cmd then right click on the cmd and run as administrator.

Step 2: Stop SuperFetch

Type in cmd box, net.exe stop superfetch and press enter.

this above command stops the fetching process. This process can free up your disk and also memory usage.

Step 3: How to Start Superfetch?

it is similar to stopping the superfetch

type net.exe start superfetch in the cmd box and press enter.This command can restart the superfetch service.

This process of stopping superfetch can slow down the process or program you were running. you may also use optimising software for freeing up your disk usage, Actually these softwares should not even be exist.all these softwares stops the essential programs which makes your work easier. That is why windows 10 is more faster and easier to access any data.

I advice you to increase the RAM if you are using more than 80%. Increasing RAM is not necessary if your RAM usage is below 70%.don't use optimising softwares to free up your RAM.

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