Why Not Zoidberg?

Introduction: Why Not Zoidberg?

Fall is upon us and that means Halloween is creeping up as well. Curious as to what you want to be? As my favorite crustacean would say, "Why not Zoidberg?"

What you are going to need to create a Zoidberg costume like my own is the following:

Main Objects:
1 lab coat (you can get it embroided to say Dr. Zoidberg if you wish)
1 scrubs outfit, top and bottoms
1 Stethoscope (optional but we're going for a doctor look here)
1 Oversized Bart Simpson mask
2 lobster claw oven mitts

Accompanying Objects:

1 can spray paint (red)
White paint (or white out)
1 Red rubber glove
1 bald cap
Velcro (optional)
Super glue

Step 1: The Costume

Gather your equipment starting with the costume itself (i.e. scrubs, doctor coat, stethoscope and oven mitts. Order these on the following sites: 

(Scrubs, doctor jacket and stethoscope): www.allheart.com

Lobster Claw Oven Mitts: www.easternmarine.com/lobster-claw-oven-mitt

While these ship you can get to work on the mask which will take the most (but not really that much) work. The mask you can pick up online as well or at a costume store and/or Target.

Step 2: The Mask (not the Jim Carrey Movie, Lol)

This is really the only part of the costume requiring much work or attention but not near what one might think. The creation of the mask should take roughly a week, but consider most of it downtime anyway so Hakuna matata.

The first thing you will notice about the mask will probably be the irregular shape on top due to the spikes but this is easily remedied by turning it inside out. This step does many things; it creates a flat top of which to work on which is good to make round later on and It pushes the ears in (zoidberg has no ears). When you do this step push the nose through so that even inside out the nose protrudes as you will need this latter on.

If you had trouble putting it (the mask) on due to the small size of  the opening of the mask (like it was for me), there is a simple solution. Use the opening already provided as a guide and slice (or cut) upward until you reach near where the spikes would begin. You can use small strips of velcro on the ends to close it up after the head is on if you wish.

Step 3: The Mask II (Also Lacking Jim Carrey)

Place the bald cap over the top of the mask. This should give it a rounded look to the top which is perfect for our needs. Be sure to plug the air holes located on the nose, mouth and eye holes (no red eyes here Ben Stein). Now we paint. Use the red spray paint* on the mask and swim cap to turn them the desired red color. Make sure you do this in either a well vented room or preferably outside. It WILL take time for it to dry. Be patient and be thorough lest you end up looking like you walked right out of a horror flick (lol). The white paint or white out can be used to turn the inside out  yellow eyes to the appropriate white color. Congrats! You are almost done, but there's still a little work left. Cut the glove perhaps an inch above the wrist, so that it is mostly the hand part and fingers. You will need the extra above the glove as a fastener. Now stuff it.

Cotton balls work well here as you use them in each of the fingers a a little in the hand area, enough to inflate it a bit but not so much it weighs it down too much and makes it look funny. Painting the glove now as opposed to pre-stuffed prevents cracking of the paint which would otherwise occur when the shape of the glove changes due to inflation by the cotton balls.  Once this has dried apply super glue around the nose area and attach the glove  over the nose via the extra latex glove you didn't cut away (kind of tuck it in and hold it there until you are sure it has begun to dry, thus making the tentacle mouth typical of Zoidberg. You can probably speed this up if you  use a hair dryer to blow it dry faster.

*NOTE: You can use polymer paint if you are worried about health issues (available at craft stores) but you will need  sealant as well to prevent cracking.

Step 4: Final Step: WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO!!!

 Ready for the final step? This part is crucial for both the creation and the success of the costume. PUT IT ON!!!! Put your costume on and have a good time. That's it! You're done. Congratulations you have just made a Zoidberg costume. Now start practicing your best impersonations and voice as you will need it when the time comes. Enjoy!!

*I made some corrections on this as I stumbled my way through making this costume myself so you get a better product than I did and can take pride when you tell your friends, "I made this costume by myself" and watch them be amazed.

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    4 years ago

    Does anyone know about
    any scrubs manufacturer that produces fitted/muscle/v-taper scrubs? I am unable
    to find a suitable size that actually fits me properly. I am looking for something
    with fitted sleeves and a nice V-taper.