Why Old Electronics Are Fun



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This is not really instructing, but disassembling broken electronics is fun! Get permission first, though. Make sure not to discharge capacitors on you or anyone/ anything else.

Step 1: Hughes Satellite Box

I've unscrewed this one almost completely already. The box slides off.

Step 2: Raptor Power Supply.

Make sure this is unplugged. I narrowly avoided an accident with the plugged in satellite receiver. It has this power supply.

Step 3: Capacitors

Caps are always useful! DISCHARGED!

Step 4: Transformers

1:1 transformer, step down flyback I think, and probably another 1:1 transformer outside of the power supply.

Step 5: Other Pieces

The plug has an inductor coil which contains a ferrite core. The shiny piece is a crystal oscillator, I think. It says 13.5 MHz, so it must be. The whole power supply comes out. Unplug!!!!

Remember, ask permission before taking something apart. It should be broken or unusable. This has been sitting for a while collecting dust.



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