Why You Should Use Instructables

About: I am a 13 year old maker and entrepreneur who can't keep my hands still. I aspire to show all other young people out there that you can be a great maker, no matter how old you are.

Instructables is a wonderful community, filled with ideas and inspiration to makers. I'm here to help you new makers with what to expect, and some of the things you can do here. Let's get started!

Step 1: Make It!

This is the main reason people come here. Whether they want to sew a blanket, build a box fort, or make a nuclear potato bomb, this is the place for just that! Don't see something you're looking for? No problem! That's what the next step is for...

Step 2: Make Your Own Instructables!

This is what makes Instructables awesome. You can post anything you make and share it with the world. Think of it like Facebook for makers. I must say I feel proud when my instructable gets a lot of recognition.

Step 3: And If You're Really Good..

If your instructable is drawing a lot of attention or is just plain cool, you get featured! This means that the editors at instructables recognize your work as a good instructable! It's an amazing feeling: You're checking your email, when suddenly you see an message that says your instructable got featured! I just go nuts when I see this email. Even better, you get a free 3-month premium membership, which gives you the privilege of downloading instructables as PDFs and more!

Step 4: Win Contests!

On this site, they regularly hold contests! Look at the contests page for something you like! If you find one you're sure you can win, enter it! You can earn some cool swag from the contests, and it gives you something to work on if you're bored!

Step 5: Good Luck!

I wish you well on your awesome journey through this site! Who knows? Maybe you'll be the next big thing on this site! :D



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