Why a Pencil-case?



Where I live at, I see a growing number of stundents (mostly highschool students), that prefer to go to school without a backpack. Rather, they take all the books and school material, like pencils and pens, in their hands, which turns out to be quite difficult.
Whether you are or not in this situation, in this instructable I will show you how you can adapt an ordinary school notebook to hold all the material you will need at an usual school, with tools you find at home.

Step 1: What You Will Need

The list is very simple, and it must be adapt to fit your own needs.
In my case, it was the following:
-1 Pencil.
-2 Pens (One blue and one red).
-1 Rubber.
-1 Pencil Sharpener.
-1 School Notebook (I took one of those that take all the subjects, so that I can always take it with me).

You will also need the followin to build the actual project:
-1 Ruller.
-1 Pencil.
-1 X-acto.

Step 2: First Step

Start by measuring your material, so that you know where you will be cutting.
In my case it looked like the picture. You can also see where the material will fit.
I joined the pens in order to use less space.

Step 3: Second Step

Although the process from now on is easy, it will be tedious. You will to keep cutting the pages in the shape you draw first till you cut them all, so that your materials will fit inside.

Step 4: Conclusion

And it is that simple. When you close the notebook, it will look like if there was nothing inside, but the truth is that there is all the material that you will need at a school day. Feel free to position the material anywhere you want, this was just the configuration I used.
Hope you enjoyed :)



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