Why Spend Extra Money on Holiday Wrapping?

Introduction: Why Spend Extra Money on Holiday Wrapping?

This year is tight for nearly everyone, the economy has not been friendly. So why spend extra money on all that holiday wrapping? If you are like me you have everything you need just sitting in a basket waiting to get tossed or burned. Newspapers. Newspapers, especially the funny pages, make great wrapping paper- they are a good size and the overall effect under the tree is beautiful and with the green movement in full swing your holiday packages will be vogue.

Like aforementioned, I like to use the funnies, there is one page of them in every paper and this one page is enough to wrap a couple dvd/blue rays and/or cds, or a normal sized hard cover book. With two pages taped together one can easily wrap any common size shirt box.

I love the classic lines and colors wrapping with the funny pages gives the overall effect. I like to add a splash of color with my bows. This year I used wire lined ribbon which can be easily used year after year or for other projects. In years prior I have used raffia and fabric for my ribbons and bows.

For my name tags I take card stock and glue letters from the newspapers to create my message and names. Sometimes if I want to add a little something I cut out a particularly funny cartoon, or layer the letters with red card stock, black card stock and newspaper clippings.

Let your imagination be your limit- the possibilities are endless! And the end effect with be well worth the effort!

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    Very nice. I used to wrap presents in newspaper, but I like how you did it better. The red really makes it look great!