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For the first time since May or June 2016 using a soda can put the wireless router and it works.

But, it was a problem. A signal strength is poor (1 or 2 bar). I'm must to get a better signal from living room to a bedroom.

Eight months later, I've saw on YouTube video to improve a signal. Thanks to in this video in link below.

This is a second time to improve a signal

Now this instruction:

a pair of scissor

a knife (or Stanley knife to prevent injury)

a ruler

a permanent marker

a piece of aluminium foil (to random adjustment)

three cans of soda (why "three"? Because I'll use this to get improving signal)

(Sorry I'm a certainly half-English 'cause I'm a Malay)

Step 1: Make a Cantenna

First, make sure remove a soda can opener 'cause to more stable.

Second, trace with permanent marker and use a knife (or Stanley knife) to cut a half of base and a bottom (Tips: a top of can must cut 3/4 (or three quarters) to open a base)

Third, roll of a base upside down to widely a soda can.

Fourth, cut an aluminium foil for any length you want and cover with two soda can (Sorry this is an old aluminium was corrosion I'll don't have a new one. So, it will be OK). And the third one without using an aluminium.

Step 2: Step 2: Improvising a Signal Strength

Alright, now is time for testing, before that lets put a soda can

First, put a soda can without aluminium on Wi-Fi adapter with USB extender, place to coming a signal on your router.

Second, put a soda can with aluminium on wireless router. (Pro Tip: if router place a vertically use a glue tag to stick a soda can)

Now for the moment of truth (or should I've said "moment de vérité" in French)

a signal is "Very Good" or Excellent" and signal speed is high. Thanks to a soda can.

I'll hope you in this instructions. Let me know on comments (sort of) and thanks.

May the Soda Can been with you.




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Interesting trick. I wonder if you did this around your router, it would act as a signal blocker the other direction so that other people wouldn't be able to use the router.

3 replies
tytowerDIY Hacks and How Tos

Reply 2 years ago

A faraday cage is used to block signal which is what you would have at the back of your router so yes I would say that would work with almost any metal backing sheet.


Reply 2 years ago

If you look up a microwave signal horn ,you are playing with something along the same lines.