Wicked Witch of the East Costume

 Calls for:
Witch hat
Plain, long sleeve black shirt
Black corset
Black arm warmers
Black tulle skirt
Black and white striped stockings/socks
Red sequin heels

Everything should overlap - the shirt should go on and be tucked under the skirt, the skirt should tuck under the corset, the sleeves should tuck under the arm warmers. Not only will this make you look more together and less like you are wearing assorted, unrelated items, but you'll also have to deal with less green face creme for hands and arms.

For make up, use green face creme or paint and black lipstick. Don't forget your neck when applying the creme, and rub upwards and sideways only to avoid having creme get stuck at your jaw line and in the wrinkles of your face.

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