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Introduction: Wide Dragon Scale Bracelet

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This is a modified version of the classic dragon scale bracelet that a made because i wanted a wider bracelet. You can make it as wide as you want as long as your loom has enough points. This one has 7 bands on the longer rows.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
A loom (I connected two to make a bigger bracelet)
A loom tool
And a bunch of rubber bands in whatever colors you want

Step 2: Start the Bracelet

Start by putting a rubber band over two points. Do this for however many bands you want. Put an s-clip on each band. For the next row put a band on the points so that they cover all the gaps. It is kind of hard to explain so check out the pictures. Now for each point where there are two bands on one point pull the bottom one over the top of the point. Once you finish the row then just put on a new row and repeat. Make sure to alternate which row you put on. Ex: if you first row had 5 and then you put on a row that had 4, the next row should have 5 bands again.

Step 3: Continue to Desired Length

Keep adding on more rows until the bracelet is long enough to go around you entire wrist. I have a larger wrist so mine are usually about 36-40 rows long.

Step 4: Close It Off

Take the s-clips from the beginning and take the bands from two points on the loom and put them into the clip. Do that for every clip and then your bracelet will be done. Enjoy!

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    4 years ago

    R u supposed to hook the last band? It's a bit blurry by the way but it's still awesome!! :D

    1 reply

    Make sure the last row of bands you put on is the only set on the loom then hook those bands with the clips. I know the pictures were blurry, i used a bad camera. I need to use my better one next time. I'm adding more instructables as soon as i have time so feel free to follow me.

    In order of top to bottom-
    ~It gets easier as you practice, i made on that covers my whole forearm
    ~ sorry i dont have a good camera so i am learning how to work with this one
    ~If you want to add it then feel free, i love your collection, hope this helps expand it


    4 years ago

    Hi I love the rainbow loom idea but I think the picture are a but blurry and hard to see ... Just wanted to let you know
    But great job anyway