Wifi Enabled Nice Flor-s Garage Remote




Introduction: Wifi Enabled Nice Flor-s Garage Remote

In this project, I will show you how to hack your Nice flor-s garage remote to make it wifi enabled.

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Step 1: A Simple Hack on the Nice Flor-s Remote Itself

The remote send a signals when pressing one of the programmed button. I assume that your remote is already programmed and you can open your garage door with it.

We are going to simply hack the remote by connecting two points to close the target button circuit as shown in the video in this page. The idea is keeping the button ALWAYS ON and control it instead by powering ON or OFF the circuit from the Raspberry side.

Feel free to use any conducting material to keep the two points connected at all time.

Checkpoint: make sure the red light ON all the time when battery is inserted. One verified, you can remove the battery out.

Tip: In case you wonder, here is how you open your nice remote.

Step 2: Make the Required Connections

Follow the diagram and make the required connections

Step 3: Control the Remote From Raspberry Pi

The remote has to be pressed for the right time in order for the garage door to open. In my case, simulating a press requires turning the GPOI ON for a second and turn it back OFF.

Here is a sample code you can use for your testing:


That's all, enjoy

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