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In this instructable I make a common WiFi Thumbdrive into a beefy wifi extender!'

The parabolic Asian cooking(dumpling) strainer is the perfect candidate for this project.

I was able to pick up 20 more access points in the city and connect to a network a few blocks away!

This is BY-FAR the most simple of all Wifi extensions!

Image 2:
_best paint'job EVER!_ - This is the general Idea behind the parabolic dish.
- it should bounce all waves from the dish into the focalpoint (wifi thumbstick).

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Step 1: GO GET STUFF!!!

OK, you have to get :

a) Cooking strainer from Asian food market.
- Needs to be PARABOLIC
-The wooden handle on mine made it easy to work with.
-Cost $7.00
-Mesh should be similar "tightness" as pictured. (Don't get the loose mesh)

b)USB Wireless Thumb Drive (g or b/g)

c) USB extension. -- The longer the better.(but get as much as you need.)

Step 2: Prep and Build the Signal Strainer!

Image 1:
-Using the snips and cup out a hole JUST big enough for the USB extension cord.

Image 2:
Squeeze the tip of the USB cord through hole.

Image 3:
-Adjust everything so the thumbdrive is at the FOCAL POINT of the parabola (I just eyeballed it).
-Fasten the USB cord in to place.

Step 3: Testing the Signal Strainer

Testing the Signal Strainer:

1) Find your favorite access point!
2) get as far away as possible! (While keeping line-of-sight)
3) Use software like NetStumbler to see the signal strength.
4)Adjust your Signal Strainer where necessary.

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    Question 9 months ago on Step 3

    This device sounds super great!!! I really admire people who can do the type of things you do. Now, having said that, let me say this: I'm 70 years old, so please excuse the stupidity of my questions:

    If I make this device, what do I do with it afterward? Does the USB extender have a "plug-in" at the other end? If so, do I plug it into something? Do I suspend the WokFi Signal Strainer over the router? Oh, and I have a wired router, which allows wireless connectivity for my laptop and one printer. The wired router has internal antennae. Will the WokFi even work with a wired router? Thank you.

    stufftolearn ReCreate

    Reply 1 year ago

    I am a retired network technician from the phone company. It is not illegal to capture non-secured Wi-Fi signals. Go for it!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    in Texas, the statute is Penal Code section 33.02, Breach of Computer Security. It says, “A person commits an offense if the person knowingly accesses a computer, computer network or computer system without the effective consent of the owner


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    yes...CONSENT of the owner...that means if you were hacking into the network, your not getting consent, but if its an unprotected network its not illegal. PLUS if your network is unsecured you have no right to complain if someone got your internet. that code has to do with breaching network security. ie, hacking your school system's network to change your grades.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I made an account just to reply to this.

    @ sokamiwohali

    What you say IS true. At first glance, one might think "consent of the owner" would mean that one would have to receive explicit permission from the owner in order to use his or her wi-fi network.

    The fact that the network was unsecured, however, changes the game a little. Although it is illegal to break into, say, an "unsecured" (unlocked) car or house, the physical realm is much different than the digital realm. I have never received explicit permission to access this website, or google, or any other website for that matter. An unsecured wi-fi network is conceptually no different than an unsecured website. The protocols and hardware used are very similar as well.

    TL;DR: In the real world, the power is held within the hands of the owner(s). On the internet, if it isn't secured, than by default it is public.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    A WiFi is open if it SAYS it is open or free. Otherwise you are stealing bandwith and can be charged.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    WELL...let me first start off by welcoming you to the Instructables community. i hope your time here with us is ABSOLUTELY GRAND, and i cant wait to see what kind of ideas you have that you will post in the future. Im Subbing to you.

    Now for the reply...lol

    you confirmed that my comment is correct in the information i gave good sir. If a network is unsecured, the owner of the network is giving non-verbal consent to ANYONE who wants to use it...think about Starbucks or Mickey-D's...*MINUS THE TERMS OF USE PAGE* if you were to accesss their wifi, since it is unsecured, its free game.

    As far as your accessing this, or any other website...your true to a point...you can access this website [or the others], BUT if you want to enjoy the fruits of your and everyone elses labor (ie: your having to join to even comment on this post (not trying to be a butthead btw. plz dont take it that way), e-books, etc.) you need to be a member (and throw in the pro membership as well for the downloads). HOWEVER do not let the statement i just said lead one astray...NOT EVERY website requires one to have a membership to enjoy the site fully.

    Very true on your last statement tho...thats why i secure my WIFI. i know how it is with accessing unsecured WIFI...when i was in college i didnt pay one red cent for the internet i used...and i accessed from my room...haha...good ol days!!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Is it in Lebanon that they cut off your hands for stealing? Or am I thinking of some other place nearby?