Wifi Security





Introduction: Wifi Security

How to secure your wifi and hack it!

Warning:I am not responsible for anything. (like if you mess up your router).Never hack or use someone's wifi without their permision as it is illegal.

This instructable will teach you how to secure your wifi and hack it

Step 1: How to Secure It

Use 256 encryption and a Wpa/wpa2 password

You also need tools:

My wifizone (free)



Network magic (costs money so dont recommend it)


Step 2: Using My Wifi Zone

Download and install my wifi zone then restart your computer.Now you have to add your mac adress to the list to permit it.

To get your ip adress:
On your computer if youre using xp go to start then click run and type in cmd.
This will bring up command prompt and type in ipconfig/all
Look for your router/modem/wlam card/network card and look for physical adress

Now write the adress down and go back to my wifi zone. Click on the white list tab and add your mac adress and if you want to put in your ip type it in (but you dont have to).If you dont put in a ip it will say invalid ip then just type in a random ip and click add now remove the ip.After you added it click apply.

Step 3: Hacking Wifi

Remember dont hack or steal or use other peoples wifi as it is illegal.



cow patty (free)


cow patty uses a dictionary attack (weak passwords) to hack wifi passwords

wireshark (free)


aircrack (free)


wirelesskey view (free)


nirsoft has all kind of free softwares for passwords and stuff


tor  (free)


Tor helps with privacy

mad macs (free)


mad macs is a mac adress randomizer

Step 4: The Rest

If you dont know how to use some of these tools use google.

If you know of other good software for hacking wifi or to secure it please tell me in your comment



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    8 Discussions

    All tool is working great. Norton wi-fi security also available in the market. But above are also able to secure the wi-fi router.

    If you really want to secure your WiFi network, then look at implementing WPA2-Enterprise AES with EAP-TLS. EAP-TLS is the ONLY secure WiFi networking protocol.

    Adding an administrator password to the wireless router makes it harder to get into any personal settings.