Wight (Game of Thrones)

About: I am troberts8, also known as Tami Roberts. I am an artist and craftsperson. I am an identical twin Gemini. I live with MS. Some of my favorite things to make are TV/Movie replicas, customized shoes/clothes ...

I saw  blue mesh contact lenses here: http://www.foureyez.com/contact-lens-brands/colour-vision-blue-mesh-contact-lenses-pair.html and knew they would work perfect for a Song of Ice and Fire inspired costume.
I purchased Simplicity pattern #4923 to sew a tunic top and fur vest and also put together a wolf-ear hat with leftover fur fabric (homemade pattern).
I completed the costume clothing with my own under-bust corset, black leggings and knee-high boots.

For makeup I followed instructions for undead makeup along with the use of a ice fx kit: http://www.amazon.com/Vampire-Ice-FX-Make-Kit/dp/B000UWTAYU

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Game of Thrones: A wight is a recently deceased body reanimated by magic. Regardless of eye color while alive, a wight has icy blue eyes, like its masters, the White Walkers. A wight is almost indestructible and can withstand an injury that would normally be fatal. They are pure evil.




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