Wii Game Rack

There isn't much here in the way of instructing as the mounting of a pegboard and framing are easy enough and no-doubt have been covered in other great instructables. On the other hand my OCD and it's need to organize and have everything in its proper place led to this creation, my Wii Game Rack. Epic win I say, epic win.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I just happened across this storage project and it's a really GREAT idea! I'm only 3 yrs late from your post date haha.

    I, too, am very OCD about organization of all collections. I don't think you did this, as I don't see any lines peeking through in your pic, but my first thought was the old standard a lot of ppl use on pegboard organization boards for tools in the workshop - outlining each stored piece so there is no doubt where it "lives" on the board. I've even seen the addition of written or adhesive labels inside said outlines for extra "protection" (? lol) against disorganization...by others, not the storage creators, of course! ;)

    Idea: This would work well hung on inside of closet door(s) - so out of sight/way when not needed - or even could do (on smaller scale) on entertainment cabinet doors (inside), if it were an issue to see it all the time or if wall space is in short-supply. Now, if I could just devise the perfect DVD storage system - neat, easy, good-looking and ever-expandable...I've been stumped for years with that one - while my collection continues to grow steadily...argh

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    Haha! I actually love the idea of outlining things, and sorry that _I_ haven't responded to your post sooner! My setup on this board has actually changed several times to accommodate guitar controllers and older system controllers. (The case of a growing collection!) If I were to outline, I would either use a dry erase marker, or use vinyl stickers that I could remove and reapply easily!

    Actually it's proven to be a very smart investment, it keeps my puppies from chewing any of it, or wanting to for that matter.

    No, I mean you bought all that Wii stuff... I gues it isn't as bad as I think. Nintendo just hasn't done a very good job with catering my hardcore titles. The Conduit just doesn't cut it. Super Smash Bros Brawl is pretty good, though...


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    My camera decided it might be hilarious to flip the pics. Sorry! Not a regional or lefty thing I assure you.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I just hung some peg board in my room and I was just wondering were u got the hooks you used for your game rack. I need to know were you got the ones for the game cube controllers.

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    Lowes or home depot have some very useful multipacks. Alternately I believe Circuit City is selling all of their fixtures, if you want to grab those up.


    That would be great! I'm sure a plexiglass version would look pretty modern, especially if it had some LEDs to accent it.