Wii Handheld Camera Rig



This is an Instructable for a very simple and cheap handheld video rig for your P.A.S. (point and shoot) or micro four thirds camera
(it would be too unbalanced for your big and heavy DSLR).

It will help a lot while shooting handheld videos, and it even doubles for a tabletop stand for your camera.

All you will need is this:

- Type C swivel mount (from eBay), about 5$
- Wheel for Wii remote (comes in many styles and colors), about 3$
- One short 3/8" screw

- Drill / drill-bit
- Screwdriver

Make a hole at the center of the wheel, screw the swivel mount, screw on your camera, adjust... you're set!!!

Happy shooting!


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