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Introduction: Wii Teach You AFM

About: Democratize Nanoimaging for Everyone by Hacking DVD Players to Build up Atomic Force Microscopes. Repurpose Blu-ray Drives for Fighting Zika/Dengue Virus.

Here is an atomic force microscope education kit for open house demonstration. In 2007, the Nintendo Wii just start selling....The innovative way of control was very interesting....so I modified the Wiimote controller for AFM education purpose.....

Step 1: Disassemble the Wiimote Controller

Step 2: Find the Infrared Camera in Front of the Circuit Board

Step 3: Use Wires for Extending the Connection of the Camera

Step 4: Sorry...some Photos Are Missing....please See the Video




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    4 Discussions

    Dear Dr Hwu,

    Can I detect things on the nano-scale with this device? Would I need to add stepper motors?


    1 reply

    This is just a model not able to detect nano scale feature....

    Hello Professor Hwu,

    I am a french undergraduate student in Physics and I am working on AFM for a lab project. I find you work incredible and I would like to build it too to understand really how afm works.
    Can you send me the detailed build files to build it ?

    My email is jonathanweb31@gmail.com

    Thanks a lot in advance

    (I also posted a request for your orther DIY Afm model because I want to compare the difficulty of building)

    1 reply

    Hi johnz20, the wiimote teach you AFM is much simpler. You can use laser diode, solar panel, PMMA frame then you can build this very fast.