Wii Internet Light Gun




Introduction: Wii Internet Light Gun

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This is a UNIQUE (not even nintendo thought of it!) light gun that presses the a button instead of b button, so you use it for the wii internet channel.

Step 1: Trigger

1. Build
2. Build
3. connect

Step 2: Frame

Build like this the slide the wii mote in on top of greys and under greens

Step 3: Complete

Now add them ogether and now you can play tactical assassin on wii!



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    30 Discussions

    Yeah yeah yeah... It was a 2004 webcam.
    0.3mp, crappy lens, and I only had a desktop in a room with no lighting. But the pictures are horrible... Sorry

    Haha... I should make a new one. With a real camera.... It's a webcam, there's no flash.

    i would like to request new pics! i would absolutely love to make this, but i can't based on the pics you have right now... :(
    pleeeeeeease take new pics?

    ty i got duckhunt on homebrew channel just so i could use a knex zapper :D now i can do this... not like i wasted anything gettin duck hunt it was free T.T

    2 replies

    oh BTW the reason nintendo didnt make this is because they meant for the internet channel to browse the internet not to play games... lucky for us they still have flash player...

    looks nice but it looks too bulky and big to use for the internet. I like this instructable but I will stick to using a keyboard and mouse for the wii internet. Try making a new version that is skinnier but besides from that nice instructable. I love your Knex sports pack though! 4/5.

    3 replies

    \i do not understand, this is a lightgun for the internet, not a mouse, and you ccan't use keyboard on wii