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Intro: Wiimote Power Button Mod

Have you ever wondered if your wiimote was on cause your hands were over the LEDS, or you not know if when you turn the power off to your wii if it dreally goes off, well now you'll know. Here is my tutorail for modding ur power button on your wiimote.
What you need-
One tri-wing screwdriver
One 3mm LED of you color choice
One resistor
One soldering iron with solder
About 3 inchs or wire.
One wiimote

Step 1: Take Your Wiimote Apart

Take your wiimote apart, unscrew it with the tri-wing screwdriver then pray it open.
WATCH OUT: watch it the front of the wiimote has clips that hold it in place nad if you pray the wrong way they will break off, causing trouble, what i do is pray the back up alittle bit then stick a butter knife in side and pull up.

Step 2: Get Your LED and Wiring Ready and Put It in Place

You get to choose your color of led, but its a light color like red, orange, yellow, or UV it will be wise to put a 12k resistor on it. Also make sure its a 3mm LED, 5 is to big.
Once you get your LED out along with your 3 or so inchs of wire out and soldered. Its time to put it in place. You might have to work with the length of wire so just take it slow and dont burn or kill someone or something.
Ok well lets solder the wire in place once you have your 3mm LED soldered at the other points.
Make sure you dont switch the points up or the led wont work and could die.

Step 3: Your Done!

Now just put the PCB on the wiimote buttom, put some batts in it and check to see if your light works. If so put it back together and thats all, your done. this is my first instructable tell me how i did. if you have any questions just ask.
I am not at fault if you ruin your wiimote, this mod also voids your warrenty
(it does but just put it back together and take it back to walmoart and say i never worked ;) but you never heard this form me)

Heres the direct link to the tutorail



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    I have a Wii Motion Plus remote and the "pins" where you soldered up your LED are not here, I have a chip at this place :/

    So what's writed up those pins ? (TPxxx) I think one of those is TP302 but what's the other please ?

    1 reply
    Wiimote MasterThéoC2

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    I have no work with the plus controller, however take a multimeter and test the points to see if they are a pos and neg points when powered on.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    When I installed the LED and then put the batteries, the LED just didn´t stop blinking (without pressing any button) and, of course, pressing the WiiMote's buttons didn´t work to stop it ( and the wiimote itself didn´t work. I removed the LED and it was all right).

    May I have some help? .-. Oh and by the way: I checked, and there was not any contact with other terminal different than those two from the photo .-.

    1 reply

    Could you show me some pictures as to what you are referring to. If you had the led soldered into the wiimote and the wiimote didnt work till you took the led off the board then you had it in the wrong place or it was shorting something out on the board.


    The Wiimote brand new cost $40 at a store. The guy was asking to buy a modded one, which can be done for $70.


    Ouch...I dont think many people well want a modded one from you They could buy a 15 dollar used one on ebay do it themselfs and save...65 dollars What if i sent you one that i bough for 15 dollars and i payed you to send it back


    Sure I don't mind. I like modding for the fun of it but it is always nice to make a little money doing it. (to pay for cost and labor) Also that $70 mark has its reasons, one is that that price includes all cost including shipping, two is to defer people away from being lazy and buy one so they make it themselves. (PM me if you still want to talk about this)

    to quote some weird people on a how to make a halo spartan helmet "WHY WASTES OUR LE3T H4XOR SKILLS TO M4XES SUMTIN WHEN WE CAN BORTZ IT" fyi bortz was the weird guys way of saying buy

    I noticed you have more than one LED active at a time. I was wondering how you went about doing this, because I'm interested in doing more than one LED in one remote. I'm assuming you placed them in series, but wasn't sure. Maybe you could make an instructable on how to do multiple LEDs on one remote? If you could, that'd be great :D


    9 years ago on Introduction

    i tried to mod my wiimote with led under the A button and i work for like 10sec and now it act like the wiimote is fryed HELP ME !!!!

    1 reply

    10 years ago on Introduction

    The power glow looks like an overdose in the picture. Does it look really good in person. If you say yes I will add this.

    1 reply

    If you guys like this mod, check out my new instructable. Then rate it high as i have entered it into the LED contest. Thanks for the support.

    Wiimote Masterjamesk

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Well the $70 will pay for shipping, wiimote, supplys, and labor. And i dont even know how much shipping will be. If you really want me to make you a modded wiimote, talk to me using email.