Wiimote Whiteboard IWiiBoard Software V5

About: iWiiBoard Tech is a world-wide education software provider, was founded in 2009.The low-cost smart interactive wiimote whiteboard solution-iwiiboard software has become popular and been used in thousands of ...

iWiiBoard provides low-cost, portable infrared scan(IR touch) interactive whiteboards,includes the wiimote whiteboard. With an infrared pen, a receiver and a projector, you'll be able to write or highlight directly on top of any surface by using the iWiiBoard whiteboard software.

iWiiBoard will allow the teacher to keep notes and annotations as an electroinc files. In addition, iWiiBoard can record their instruction as digital video files and the student will see the exact presentation that occurred in the classroom with the teacher's video & autio input.

You audience will definitely sit up and pay attention when they see you break out iWiiBoard! Transparent buttons and a floating dynamic toolbar let your audience view the demo in full, and the 3D interactive whiteboard software interface with gesture input will pull them in and keep them fascinated, no matter what the topic!

Please visit iWiiBoard's wiki page for iwiiboard's interactive whiteboard/wiimote whiteboard manual and setup guide.



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