Wild Black Morel Pasta




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Next to truffles, Morels are at the heart of every English foragers dreams.  Black Morels (like the ones pictured) are very rare, and very tasty!

This tasty recipe is easy and tasty - though could be very expensive as some morels fetch almost £1 a gram.

I wouldn't recommend going out to pick these yourself with no knowledge.  There is a saying - "There are old mushroom pickers and bold mushroom pickers, but there are no old bold mushroom pickers".  Saying that, I'm not an expert and I'm not yet dead.  Morels are the first wild mushroom I have picked and cooked myself and they are much easier to identify than most!

These particular Morels were picked from my parents front garden.  Due to the amount of woodchip now being used on gardens taken from Morel rich woods, Morels are increasingly being found in urban locations.  Morels are found around spring time (most mushrooms are found in the Autumn/Fall)

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Step 1: Identifying Morels

Morels look very different to most mushrooms and are therefore much easier to identify.  They have a brain like outer skin and an entirely hollow stem.

Chop the Morel lengthways and check it is hollow.  If it is fleshy at all inside, it is probably not a Morel and I wouldn't be eating it.

Also, have a look here! https://www.instructables.com/id/what-is-dry-land-fishmorels/

Step 2: Ingredients

The only ingredient not covered below is the spoonful of double cream which I had left over from another recipe which I threw in right at the end.

What you'll need:

Some Morel Mushrooms
1/2 a cup of cheese - I used a strong cheddar
Small onion
Clove of garlic
Spagetti (or flat egg noodles)
1 tbsp butter
Salt and Pepper to taste

Step 3: Stick on the Pasta

First things first boil some water for your spagetti and get it on - it takes the longest.

Step 4: Chop the Onions, Garlic and Morel

Finely chop the onion and garlic and add to a pan.  Slice the Morels however you like, I made strips a cm wide.

Throw it all into the frying pan with the tablespoon of butter and fry till the Morels have lost most of their water and the onions are transparent.

Step 5: Adding the Spagetti

Add the spagetti to the pan and stir in the Morels.  Add the half cup of cheese and if you're using double cream that as well.

Stir, warm through till the cheese starts to melt and serve.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    The note of caution sounded by the author is well founded. I have heard that there are supposed to be rules of thumb that can tell you in an instant if a mushroom is toxic, such as blackening silver. That doesn't always work, because in toxic mushrooms, there are more than one variety of toxin, sometimes several in one mushroom at a time, and each with a different chemical structure and properties. I would advise joining a mushroom club, and going on at least one foray with a real expert in the field. In Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA) the local mushroom club is called the Pikes Peak Mycological Society, or PPMS, and meets the fourth Monday of the month each month during the growing season (April to September). The only rule of thumb is that there are NO rules of thumb on identifying or detoxifying mushrooms.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Quite true - though Morels are one of the easiest to identify, but as per my last Mushroom instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/Making-plasters-in-the-woods/) this was done in the UK and I can only relate to our native flora, USA may have a splitting image which is completely deadly.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    The Gyromitras look somewhat similar to the morels, but are not regularly pitted, and instead of the single void in the center, they have multiple voids throughout. They contain large amounts of hydrazine, which is found in rocket fuel.

    1 reply