Wild Egg - Faberge WannaBe





Introduction: Wild Egg - Faberge WannaBe

This is made from a real egg. It is first sanded lightly so that the bling will stick better. Then it is marked for the opening; then cut. The inside is lined with silken material that is attached by glue. Rhinestones are glued on next, followed by the golden trim work. The golden leaf stand that this egg sits on is permanently attached.



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    I really like the unusually shaped handle and the stand, neither of which I have ever seen anywhere before. Most eggs are lined with plain satins or velvets so the patterned fabric is an intriguing choice. In short, this is wonderful!

    Do you just cut bracelets apart for the decoration. Thanks Orro

    Very very nice! That could probably sell for money on Ebay xD

    I like what you have done with your "Wild Egg" Anne B. I love the handle. Best of Luck.....Carole B.

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