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Introduction: Wild Flower Boutonniere

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A perfect "last minute" Boutonniere for prom or any other occasion that calls for one.

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Step 1: Secure Your Materials!

For this project you'll need:



Small Scissors

Embroidery Thread (makes it look neater)

Safety Pin

Optional: An annointing / essential oil that smells nice and a q-tip

Step 2: Gather Your Flowers!

Look for flowers in your yard or near your house that look and smell nice.

Look for long, thick-stalked flowers like a lavender or even a de-thorned rose (I even used a sprig of rosemary in the back)

In the middle and front, you'll want puffier flowers and plants that take up more space. Poppys, cosmos, delicate focal point flowers.

It really pays off to throw a couple sprigs of leafier plants in the mix-- to balance out the bright flowers.

Step 3: Begin Assembly

Sort your flowers and assemble your Boutonniere!

Flowers with longer stalks in the back and flowers that are cuter and delicate in the front.

Mix greens in on all layers.

Tie together with the thread, tightly but not tight enough to bruise or cut through any of the flowers. Secure with a triple knot.

Step 4: Finish Assembly

Tie the embroidery thread around the safety pin like so, leaving length on both ends of the knot to tie onto the boutonniere.

I laid the safety pin on the boutonniere (where the original thread knot was) and ran one end of the embroidery thread up the length of it to the flowers, and the other down towards the stalk. Kind of like it was another flower.

I took another piece of embroidery thread and tied around tightly, securing the safety pin and making sure to tie it down tightly so it wouldn't slip.

(Optional): I put some of the oil on the embroidery thread with a q tip

Step 5: Admire Your Work!

These last about a day- and take about 30 minutes to make. I made these for me and my prom date and they lasted the entire night- and only got a little wilty towards the end of the night.

Have fun!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    Those flowers look so great together! Such a fun, unique boutonniere :)