Wild Fruit Bullet Gun

Introduction: Wild Fruit Bullet Gun

About: I'm a career woman and a mom for 2 boys. Now we are creating our edible garden and try to avoid outside food. So we will plant our own vegetables and cook the nice food :)

If you are looking for a fun outdoor activity with your family, this can be one of it. It is very cheap and you can involve your kids in the process

This gun can be play during your family camping or just let the kids play around the house.

Step 1: Methodology

1. Wild fruit as a bullet. We need a fruit that has a strong stem. So the stem able to hold the fruit (bullet) before we trigger. One of the suitable fruit can see in photo is a fruit from variation of brinjal.

Please makesure you're not using poisonouse fruit.

2. Rubber band as a sling to shoot the bullet. Varies the strenght of rubber band, so it can shoot the bullet without damaging it.

3. Wood gun, the most important part is the trigger mechanisme to hold the wild fruit between the rubber band.

The gun is save to kids as young as 2 years old to play as it not shoot the bullet too fast.

Step 2: What You Need

1. Suitable piece of wood - you may use wood size 6 inchi x 18 inchi x 1 inchi. If you create the gun to your kids, choose lighter wood like pine wood so it not heavy to your kids.

2. Rubber band

3. Suitable Wild fruit

4. Tools
- jigsaw or manual saw
- sander, we use modified grinder as a sander
- ruler
- pencil
- paint (optional)

Step 3: Design the Gun

Design the gun. Ensure you have the trigger part, nozzle and remember the trigger stick. You may add other function in the gun to make it more fun. Measure holder size and lenght suitable with your kids if you create for them.

Draw your design on the wood.

Step 4: Cut and Sand

Cut the gun follow your design.

Sand it to remove the rough surface and make it save to the kids.

We are using the grinder with circular sand paper as a sander. It working fine and easier to use at the difficult part.

After sanding, you may paint it if you like.

Step 5: Fix the Trigger and Sling

Using rubber band, tie the trigger stick as in photo.

At the nozzle, varies the rubber band to get the right strenght of the sling from nozzle to the trigger. Combine 2 or more rubber band until you get the right strenght. Tie the rubber band as in photo.

Step 6: Wild Fruit As Bullet

How to put the wild fruit to be the bullet:
1. Push the trigger
2. Put the fruit under the trigger and release your finger from the trigger
3. Pull the rubber band from nozzle and place it in the middle of fruit and trigger
4. Aim before push the trigger to shoot

Step 7: Ready for the Hunt!!

Get a hand full of the wild fruit and ready for the fun activity with your family.

Have a shooting competition, hunting the chicken at your back yard etc.

It more fun if you play somewhere that you can pick the wild fruit to reload your bullet while you are playing the game.

But, no worries if you can't find the wild fruit around you, just get it from the supermarket. ;)

Have fun!!

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