Wild Garlic and Chilly Butter

Here's the last of my wild garlic (before I go and collect some more) going a bit off, so I'll use it to make some spicy butter.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Wild garlic stalks and flowers chopped ( don't use the leaves as they spoil quick)
Your usual butter
2 Dried or fresh Chillies ( seeds n'all)
Chilly oil ( as much or little as you like)
Olive oil ( a splash )
Sweet paprika ( a sprinkle on top)

Step 2: Upcycled Butter

Turn a tub of soften butter into a bowl,add the chopped garlic and chillies,a splash of olive oil and a few drops of chilly oil. Combine all well.
Put it all back into the original butter container and sprinkle with sweet paprika. Keep it refrigerated. If you're feeling fancy spoon the butter onto cling film and make it into a roll,leave it in the fridge until hard, remove cling film and cut circles and display on a plate at the dinner table decorated with wild garlic flowers to impress guests.
Substitute the butter with soft cheese and leave the olive oil out.
You can also use it to make scrambled eggs for extra flavour.
Other than that just spread on your toast.

Step 3: Resist the Temptation.

I wanted to take a few more pictures of the finished product ,on the bread and all ,for effects,but I accidently ate the last piece of toast. :D :D ( true story ) :D
Hope you enjoy it. :)

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    AndreiafoutoTecwyn Twmffat

    Reply 3 years ago

    Tecwyn is the Guinea pig. If he stops posting instructables DO NOT USE my recipes ? :D ;) lol


    Reply 3 years ago

    ahhhhh yh I was wondering.But mine is a chilled butter ;)