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If you've got a Wildernest cap on your truck you'll find that over time the inside liner starts to get saggy. It just doesn't hold up all the tent junk up there well enough. This problem limits your view out the back window even more than it was before!

Here's a solution that's cheap and easy to do!

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Step 1: This Is Pretty Much All You'll Need

These cam straps don't have to be anything super fancy. Cheapish ones are plenty good for this. It's not like you're strapping a rhinoceros to a pogo stick. I'd probably skip the D-rings... You'll see why in a minute.

Then you need:
A knife
A Phillips screw-turner
A miniaturized fire starting device (lighter)

Step 2: Cut 4 Strips Off of Your Cam Straps and Melt the Ends So They Don't Unravel

Make the pieces the same length... This is helpful.

You can also melt holes in each end of each piece of webbing for the screw to go through

Step 3: Remove One Screw From Each Side

About the same distance in. Remove the screws that hold the lining in place. Put your folded piece of strap over the screw hole and replace the screw... Ta-Da! You've got a mounting point

Step 4: Cinch Up the Straps!

Now the liner and all the tent guts are held up and out of the way!

Step 5: Here's Why Not to Use D-rings

They stretch out if you don't pull on them perfectly squarely.

I'm now using just the loops of webbing to pass the cam straps through.

Works like a charm

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