Wilford Brimley's House of Horror




I like Making computer art. I see beauty in junk. Where others see a sewing table I see a chargin...

This will explain the the steps needed to make a better gingerbread house

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Step 1: Tools

Get the things you will need:

I had 8 boxes of houses. They never give you enough stuff in just 1

Food Color

Cup of hot water


Optional Items:


Random Candies

Metforman :)

Step 2: Make the Different Colors

Just take the bag of frosting.

I made a bag or 2 of each.

Add the food coloring in a bowl, and put in the bag

Step 3: Make the Layout

Setup the basic layout of what you are wanting to do.

On the landscape I did different heights so I could have a small waterfall

Step 4: Landscaping Time

Make the landscape you want.

It looked better before photo. The kids got a hold of it

Step 5: Put the House in Place

ok build the house and put where you want it.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Make sure everything is where you want, and add sprinkles and candies, Whatever you like

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wilford Brimley's House of Horror? Ha ha ha!

    Oh man, you had me laughing with that! Nicely done!

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