Will Slumdog Millionaire Be a Catalyst to Increase in Demands for Property in India?

Fresh feeling of pride stirred up from eight awards at the most prestigious US Oscars and lofty walk at the red carpet aisle seem to revitalise property sector of India. Foreigners and tourists' attention seems to envisage a new insight in Indian property sector giving it some optimistic reasons to let it start re-breathing from the stressful condition it has been for last few months. But, is it a bit biased or unrealistic thought to see the prospects of property market depending on a movie depicting slum life of India?

Whereas over the last couple of years India has shown its prowess to be a potential powerhouse with vast resources that western countries are battling against each other to make use of it. They are expanding their headquarters and branch offices in India to take advantage of low cost and extremely productive resources. This was become a trend since outsourcing tends to become a trend of business in the western, and now almost a tradition.

And ongoing progress of India had imprinted an impression that gap between classes of rich and poor has been alleviated, this movie tends to reverse such assumptions with heart pounding stories of people in slums. The movie has reawakened the truth that despite steady economical progress, a hidden and certain part of Indian society is still nowhere to benefit the progress. There is a probable feeling that now the country is being seen with a new insight by people across the world, foreign tourists are finding themselves more intrigued toward knowing the county and taking closer look, thus bringing them to land up in India in masses. Does that mean, new sight of poverty is expected to pour in new money to the land of India?




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