Wind Effect in Ms Paint

Introduction: Wind Effect in Ms Paint

i am a cool guy .who loves soccer. no one is like me.

wind effect is a cool trick used in microsoft paint .please try this on your pcs or device having microsoft.

Step 1:

open microsoft paint on you device.

Step 2:

select text tool and write whatever you want .you can choose any text,color,size,and other effects too

Step 3:

now you should select the background colour and text colour same (both of 1 color).and now allow the transparency by clicking on second option as shown in the above image below the shapes.

Step 4:

now deselect the text by clicking on the selection tool on the top as shown in the image above.and select the whole text again as shown.

Step 5:

as you have selected the text ,now drag the text a little.isn't it cool to have this effect in such a simple application(microsoft paint).

Step 6:

you can have this effect on different texts.



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