Wind Powered Guitar!




Alright his thing is pretty sick. its decently simple. Its pretty much a leaf blower blowing on a guitar. once you power the amp up enough it sounds wicked cool.

Step 1: Materials

an electric guitar/ukulele
leaf blower (backback)
thing to prop other thing up
guitar stand
yeah.. uhmm
an amp
a pinch of love

Step 2: Assembly

alight so i used a two layer shoe rack and put the tube from the leaf blower in between the two shelves. Next i put my electric ukulele on its stand on a samll car seat to prop it up. I positioned this right infront of the end of the leaf blower (like the part it blows from). i pluged in the amp and put it ontop of the shoe rack.

Step 3: Power It Up

alright turn on the leaf blower on the turn on the amp. thats like it it pretty sick though ill put in a video to show you.

Step 4: Audacity

next plug your amp into a laptop and onen up audacity. record from the amp and replay it through the computer. this will remove the sound from the leaf blower in the background and make it sound mad cool. dont use a mic for this run it straight from the amp to the computer.

Step 5:



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