Wind Turbine Light 3d Printed

The Air Rotor Light
This 3d printed light acts as a vertical axis wind turbine. The form of the light uses aerodynamic properties behaving in a  similar way to a propeller, catching wind in a similar manner  to the Ropatec wind rotor. The body of the light is attached to a vertical axis which turns a diode rotor that transforms the movement into light using an LED light.
The 3d printed shell traps wind which rotates the axis in turn generating and transforming this energy into light.

The shape is modeled using 3ds max, a computer software which allows for complex forms to be built. The software also works out the dynamic qualities of the design, using simulation it can work out the physics of wind speeds and how they will effect the design, in this case the aerodynamics of the form. I have uploaded a video of the piece spinning in the wind.
The project file is exported as a stl which is one of the files a 3d printer can read and interpret in order to print. The material used in this case is the flexible white plastic but there are many to choose from including ceramic and metals. This material is lightweight yet strong enough to be turned by wind.

What needed to be taken into consideration is the movement and the way in which the form turns with wind, also the weight of the light. The vertical axis as mentioned connects to the rotor and diode which lights up with movement.

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    5 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'd love to see a proper step-by-step instructable for making this, especially with a video of it in action.

    1 reply

    Will be uploading the Stl images before print out and during also a video asap. Apologies for delay in responding to you I have only recently returned to teh studio. Many thanks for your message.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is very interesting, I am thinking it might be possible to make something like this that uses the heat from the bulb to spin the light.

    1 reply

    Will be uploading all stl files and images plus the video shortly. Apologies for delay in responding I have only recently returned from abroad. Thank you for your message.