Wind Chime




I made this from cut offs' pieces of corrugated iron. Inspired by the Helen Hunt's aunt's garden from the movie Twister...a very humble version of what is feature in the film :)

The cut off strips of iron came from another project. Our raised garden bed.

Note: this is not an exact science, you can can cut the iron as long, short, small or large as u like.

Step 1: Need:

Corrugated iron
Fishing swivels
Fishing line
Hole/nail punch & hammer
Metal hot plate stand (I found it at the $2 store, it provides good spacing between c'iron pieces, but I'm sure you crafty minded peeps could come up with something a little neater if
Tin snips
Hard vacuum cleaner extension tube

Step 2: Cutting the Iron

If you've not snipped iron before best draw lines to follow and practice.
I cut different lengths and widths then sniped the ends on the angle to get flow.

Step 3: Curling the Iron

Get the hard vacuum extender tube. Once again not a science. Attempt to curl/wrap the iron around the tube, it should wrap somewhat naturally with a bit of muscle...gloves are recommended!

Step 4: Hole/nail Punch

Do what ever works for you but be mindful of the surface you are punching into (wood work for me as a backing)

Step 5: Assemble

Cut a lengthy bit a fishing line (you can always cut it shorter later).
I used clinch knots. Tie iron to swivel and swivel to hot plate stand.

Step 6:

And there you have it, the most clunky and fun wind chime.



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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I loved those chimes in that movie too! Yours is very aesthetic and probably sounds great too!

    Lisa Ludlow

    5 years ago on Introduction

    I never thought of using fishing swivels to create movement. Good show!