Wind Proof Your Trash Can




Last year, the wind took it to my trash and recycling receptacle several times, blowing the trash can open and spreading my trash around. I thought there must be a way to stop the wind from littering my and my neighbors yards. I came up with this.

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Step 1: Material Gathering

You don't really HAVE to have the exact things that I am using. Originally, I thought a brick would work. I don't have any of those, and since I really didn't want this to be a spendy thing, I looked around for things I already had, like scrap lumber.

Some screws, something heavy, and since I wanted it to swing out of the way when the trucks come to pick it up, something rope like to affix the heavy thing to the receptacle.

I chose scrap lumber because I have a bunch.

Step 2: Screw Your Chain!

I chose chain, as the other options in the picture didn't seem that they would last very long. I screwed the chain to the trash can, then figured out how long I could go before the heavy thing (wood) would interfere with the collection.

Step 3: Done!

It really is that simple. The extra weight in front keeps the wind from opening the cans, but doesn't add so much that it's difficult for my kids to open and complete their chores.

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