Winding Hammer Cable

Introduction: Winding Hammer Cable

The blue hammer cable in the BlueSwarf DC kit is prone to tangling. Follow these instructions for winding, storing and retrieving the cable.

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Step 1: Bring the Two BNC Ends Together.

Step 2: Find the Loop at the Midway Point of the Cable

You can mark this with a Sharpie or a piece of colored tape.

Step 3: Put the Loop in the Palm of Your Hand Facing Downward, Allow the Loop to Protrude About an Inch From the Bottom of Your Hand.

Step 4: Loosely Wind the Cable Around All Four Fingers Until Complete. Keep Each Wind on the Same Side of the Loop to Prevent Tangling Later.

Step 5: Remove Wound Cable From Your Hand and Place Connectors Down in the Case Compartment Let the Two BNC Ends Be on the Top Their Weight Holding the Wound Cable in Place.

Also, don't wind too tight so that the looped cable diameter is a lot smaller than the compartment in the case.

Step 6: To Remove, Pull Up on the Loop and the Cable Will Unwind Tangle Free.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    What a great way to wrap your cables. Cable management is always super important!