Windmill With Strawbees

Introduction: Windmill With Strawbees

List of parts:


9 black straws

3 white straws

7 strawbees


One white straw

2 white straws cut (1 inches in length)

7 strawbees

Step 1: Directions for Windmill Base

Take 3 black straws and connect with the tri-key strawbeees

Step 2: Windmill Base

For the end of each black straw, attach another black straw with a strawbee

Step 3: Windmill Base

Take 3 white straws and cut the bendy part of bendy straw off.

Step 4: Windmill Base

Take one of the white straws. Attach it from one strawbee to another strawbee that is holding the black straws together. Repeat with all two white straws until a triangle forms.

Step 5: Windmill Base

At end of white straw, attach a strawbee to keep it from slipping

Step 6: Windmill Base

At the very end of each black straw, attach a five-arm strawbee.

Step 7: Windmill Base

Attach a black straw to the five-arm strawbee. Then attach the opposite end to the end of a five-arm strawbee (already attached to a black straw)

Step 8: Windmill Base

Repeat with other two black straws until a triangle base forms

Step 9: Windmill Fan

Cut ¼ of a black straw off. Repeat with two other straws.

Step 10: Windmill Fan

Take a tri-strawbee and connect the black straws to form three arms

Step 11: Windmill Fan

Place this in the center of the white triangle (stabilizer)

Step 12: Windmill Fan

Insert a black straw into the center of tri-strawbeee

Step 13: Windmill Fan

Take a black straw and insert into the top of tri-strawbee

Step 14: Windmill Fan

Take the end of this black straw into the other black straw in the center of the base

Step 15: Windmill Fan

At the very top of the black straw, attach a bendy part of a white straw (that was previously cut) and attach a strawbee. Then attach another five-arm strawbee.

Step 16: Windmill Fan

Take 2 white straws and cut them into 1 inch pieces. Take the one inch pieces and attach to the five-arm strawbee. Then add post its and fold into triangle to form the fans.

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