Window Bench Out of Church Pew


Introduction: Window Bench Out of Church Pew

About: I like building things with wood, while during the process not chopping off any fingers.

We were given a church pew that my family wanted to keep. I had no intentions of having a 12ft church pew sitting in my house somewhere as is. So with agreement from the entire family (of 9 people) They let me make a window bench with the wood.

Step 1: Received a Free Mahogany 12 Ft Church Pew From Our Local Church.

These church pews are over 50+ years old. The church decided to go with something updated and gave away the church pews to members of the congregation.

Step 2:

I Cut it up to transform it into a 9.5 ft window bench for my house. The Mahagony was pretty scratched up so I wasnt able to to keep it natural with out a TON of sanding and I really despise sanding. So after making the frame, sides, shelving and backing and assembling it together, I decided to paint it so that it would match the area it was going in the house.

Step 3: Finished Project

After paint dried we moved it into the house. It fit perfectly with no room to spare. Not perfect but perfect for my house!



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    Wow! It looks really great in your space!

    1 reply

    Thank you very much! It's not perfect (dont look too too close) but I enjoyed having to come up with something out of a church pew! :)