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Introduction: Window Cleaning

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Dusts they are everywhere, and our windows are unprotected from them, so we have to clean them every time. People often ask how to cleans windows and its a simple but demanding task. Ask a young teen , i am still helping around the house and making sure everything is in tip top shape. So today i planned to clean the windows and louvers and at the same time documenting every single thing i did. So To make this instructable brief and really a explanation rather then a discussion. First of all, to undertake this demanding task you would require some skills and safety knowledge to use because i was foolish and doing it with out safety tools and protection, while opening a louver i broke it with my bare hand and the pieces of glass nearly went into my eye. Thankful to God it didn't happen. Other wise i won't be here writing this. So you see how important all this small things count.

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Step 1: Getting Ready Witht the Materials

The materials that you need to undertake this task includes as stated below:

- A old pair of socks
- Some old piece of cloth or wipes
- A basin or a old pot
- A solution of water and bleach
- A old pieces of wood (small or some thing smooth like a duster)
- Some time
- Some energy
- A window to clean

Step 2: Preparing the Wiping Solution

Now get your basin or an old pot and fill with water to about 3/4 of the volume and then dissolve 4 teaspoon of bleach into the water. Now put in the piece of cloth and rinse it so that it would form bubbles and get soaked into the cloth.

Step 3: Wiping Wet Layer

Now take out the piece of wet solution soaked cloth and start wiping the windows. Do it slowly and while doing that try to remove and hard dust that may be stuck to the louvers or the window seals. Continue to do this to all the windows and how to do this the best way is to open the louvers and wipe on both side up and down.

Step 4: Wiping Dry Layer

Now that you have got rid of all the hard dust and made the louvers and windows clean you need to wipe it dry. To do so you get the dry pair of socks and get that small piece of wood or duster and get it inside the socks to make a decent flat area. Now hold by the edge and start wiping the louvers and windows. You would see that all the foamy water would wipe out clean and the you would have nothing but some water left.

Step 5: Wiping the Last Dryout

You now are left with a wet surface and some watery marks now you have to make your window super shinny and look clean. You have to get another small piece of cotton cloth and start wiping and drying it out.

Step 6: Clean and Clear

Congratulation you have completed cleaning you windows for free and at a really easy way. Thanks for reading and go clean your dusty windows and louvers. Also please vote for me to win. Now you have the cleanest and the shiniest windows around.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, you got a good finish on those windows - thumbs up! (I put my hand through a window once, cost me money not blood...) L


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I use white vinegar and water, with success. The glass became crystalline. That is also effective on plastics (acrylic, polycarbonate, etc.)