Window Pet Safety Screen




Introduction: Window Pet Safety Screen

During the warm weather I wanted to have my windows open but

I had a problem with my cat because I live in a first floor flat so I made these window nets in order to keep her in and the flying insects out.

I didn’t actually consider making this instructable until two of my friends said how good they were and asked me to make some for them. So I then thought it might be a scheap solution for other to follow.

I have only used paper in the images as opposed to material but all you need to do is use whatever material you want the edging to be made out of.

I used plastic netting which I believe they use for underskirts or tutus, it is strong enough to deter the cat but sheer enough to see through. For some of my windows I doubled the netting but this does obstruct your view slightly so I suggest you try both single layered net and doubled net to see which you prefer.

Because I need to remove the netting in order to open the windows I used sew on Velcro to secure it to the windows and I used aquarium sealant to stick it to the plastic edges, this can then be removed if you ever need to move if you are in rented accommodation. I also made a slight mistake with cutting the edges a bit too wide as you can see in the pictures but this doesn't stop them working in any way,

DO NOT use the sticky Velcro because this will mess up your sewing machine when it comes to doing the sewing.

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Step 1: Measurements and Cutting

A. Measure your windows going from wall to wall (points E to F and points E to G)

B. Measure the width of the grey section and add 2 or 3 cms

C. Cut your material using these measurements.

D. Hold your netting up to the window or use the measurements from Step 1A and cut it. I used a pencil to mark the net and cut to the lines, You don’t have to be perfectly accurate because the edges will be covered anyway.

Step 2: Cutting the Velcro

Cut your Velcro to size, remember that two of these pieces

will be slightly shorter than the material lengths because you don’t want them to overlap when you sew them.

Step 3: Preparing the Material and Netting

A. Fold and press or iron all the material lengths in half lengthwise.

B. Turn 1cm on each of the long edges and press these.

C. Using a damp tea cloth press your netting crease if you are doubling it

Step 4: Assembling the Various Parts

A. Slide the netting between the now folded material and pin it

B. Place the softer pieces of Velcro against the material and pin it.

C. Sew a line of stitching securing the Velcro to the material housing the netting.

D. Do this for each of the four sides.

Step 5: Preparing the Window Edge Itself

WIPE the plastic or wooden edges before you start this section

Using aquarium glue stick the hooked side of the Velcro to the frame of the window leaving a tiny gap at each side, this will give you a tiny bit of loose material so you can get your fingernail under it to pull it away when you need to open the windows. Once that is dry and firm enough all you have to do is push the Velcro sides together.

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3 years ago

This looks good. I like the technique you used to make the screen - the banding around the outside is a really good idea. Nice work!