Window Sill Ledge Shelf for Plants




Introduction: Window Sill Ledge Shelf for Plants

If you wanted to add a ledge to your window area without having to do permanent damage this instructable is for you. This expands my area to add another level of house plants. No nails or screws is needed and it's held up very well over these last few months.

More info on youtube

Step 1: Needed

This is a simple project without the need of nails. It's all glue and 3M stuff.

IKEA Mosslanda

Command Picture & Frame Hanging Strips

Wooden posts (1x2)


Step 2:

Cut the wooden posts to the right length. Then use some wood glue and clamp them in place. Every window will be different so measure twice and cut once.

Step 3: Glued

After it's left drying for at least a night, you can go to the next step of installing it.

Step 4: Mounting

Cut the 3M strips in half and then stick to the window ledge. You can then attach the other side to the Mosslander.

Step 5: Complete

It's now complete. Most of the weight is held by the window and the wooden posts. The 3M tape just prevents it from sliding around.

Watch the video for more information

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    This is such a good idea! I love those Command strips - I've used them to hang so many strange things over the years :)


    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi yes I used the 3M command stuff for many things. Photo's, shelves etc. They are amazing!