Window Test Tube Planters (for Mad Scientists)



Introduction: Window Test Tube Planters (for Mad Scientists)

Do you need a container to plant a cutting, or are you a mad scientist with an interest in botany? Whoever you are you will enjoy making these cute little test tube planters that stick onto any window. These cutting and small plant containers ensure lots of light for your plants and are easy to care for. Before long your windows will be covered with a steadily growing test tube garden!

Step 1: Materials

Before you begin, you need to collect a few materials. Find a test tube or small glass tube. It should be at least 2" long and about 1" wide. Also find a small amount of potting soil, a suction cup, a hot glue gun, a spoon(not shown), and a cutting. I used a cutting off of an aloe plant.

Step 2:

Now that you have found your supplies you are ready to begin. Heat up your hot glue gun and place a small dab of glue onto the test tube. With the tip of the gun swirl the glue around a bit to increase strength. Next, press the front of the suction cup against the glue and hold it tightly until the glue has cooled. 

Step 3: Plant Your Cutting

The next step in making your test tube planter is to plant your cutting. First, fill the test tube about halfway up with potting soil. With the handle of the spoon dig a small hole in the soil. Keeping the cutting centered in the tube, lower it into the hole and bury the roots. Pack down the dirt around the cutting. Water lightly before moving to the next step. Remember that cuttings rot easily, so make sure that you only water it just enough to moisten the soil. 

Step 4: Finished!

You are now finished. Press the planter onto a window and let the cutting grow. Keep it lightly watered. You can make an entire garden of test tube planters on your windows. Now you can enjoy a cute little planter that is easy to make and care for. 

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