Window Tie Back (boys Nursery

Introduction: Window Tie Back (boys Nursery

Supplies needed: 2-10"x1/2" 2-tonka trucks Tools: Torch Hammer Vice Drill Drill bits I first cut my round stock to length I used a oxy/acetylene torch but you can get by with a propane to flatten each end. Try to flatten each end about three inches in I got my bends by making small bends with a pipe and moving it in the vice in small steps My ends weren't quite right so I had to beat it around a little Blasted and did a little polishing but not too much. I want it to look tough(tuff) Put two mounting holes in. Put one hole in for the dozer To mount I used 1/4" plastic inserts and #10 screws

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    That's awesome. I may need some of these for a boy I know who is approximately 336 months old.